Written and performed by: 

Natalia Bushnik & Robin Luckwaldt

Sound Design: Phoebe Wang

Photography by: Dan Norman

“A dark but compelling piece of theatre” ​- CBC

We are Natalia Bushnik and Robin Luckwaldt. Together, we form ​KAIROS theatre.

Two sisters, encouraged by their friends, drown their mother in the bathtub of their family home. We join the girls in their irreconcilable waking nightmare of survival and atonement, which began long before we arrived, and which we have no power to stop. When the water stills, the door’s broken down, the body carried away, who do we punish? Who do you judge?

The Bathtub Girls examines how three immigrants’ determination to assimilate into a Canadian suburb leads to the destruction of their family, and the rebuilding of the girls' lives. The story follows the girls through childhood as they work to make a home for themselves in Mississauga, ON. Through this struggle, their mother falls into a deep depression and alcoholism. As their estrangement from her grows progressively more intense, the girls find new belonging in a small group of outsiders at their high school. Their mother’s addiction and neglect spiral increasingly out of control until — from their perspective — the only solution is to end her life; a drowning; ‘a mercy killing.’

“Gripping storytelling”​ - City Pages, Minneapolis

“Truly phenomenal”​ - Fringe Review

May 21-June 1, 2019

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