The Assembly Theatre is proud to present:


By: Adam Pettle
Directed by: Jessie Fraser
With: Luis Fernandes & Cass Van Wyck

April 6  April 21, 2018
Tuesday-Sunday 8:00pm

* FRIDAY APRIL 13th show - 50% of ticket sales will be donated to Gildas Club Toronto 

Limited PWYC tickets available on Tuesday performances



Unit 102 Actors Company is proud to announce its production of THERAC 25 by Toronto playwright, Adam Pettle. This brand-new production continues Unit 102s commitment to producing the best in indie theatre. With new revisions to the award-winning script and a multi-disciplinary production team, this production of THERAC 25 promises to be a radiant and sensory experience.

Set in and around the Princess Margaret Hospital, the story of Alan and Moira exposes the harsh realities of the solitude and fears that accompany cancer treatment with brutal honesty and wry humour. Pettles writing comes from a place of awful familiarity, as he explains in his forward, Its July 15, 1995, and Im back in the hospital - radioactive iodine therapy, cancer treatments answer to solitary confinement. Why did I write this play? I wrote it to survive days like this. [] I wrote it not only for those who have passed on to other journeys, but for all those who remain in Therac corridors everywhere. People that are not just statistics in flimsy pamphlets or black numbers on manila envelopes, but individuals with brilliant minds and raging spirits, with awe-inspiring courage and beautiful children.

The THERAC 25 is remembered not for the thousands of successful treatments but for the handful of failures of epic proportions that shot patients with radiation levels thousands of times over the normal rate. Cancer is a programming failure of epic proportions and, on the most human level, so are the infinite attempts made by our younger selves hoping to impress the person who just sat down next to us.


Therac 25 by Adam Pettle
Director: Jessie Fraser
With: Luis Fernandes & Cass Van Wyck
Stage Manager: Erin Maxfield
Associate Producer: Kevin Chew
Community Outreach Co-ordinator: Alana Perri
Projection Designer: Christopher Lewis
Set Designer: James McCoy
Costume Designer: Janelle Hince
Sound Designer: Aaron Collier
Lighting Designer: Steve Vargo
Poster Designer: Fred Thwainy



Two vaguely acquainted co-workers meet for a first date. What begins with this deceptively simple premise soon unfolds into a sly, disturbing dissection of modern dating rituals. As these two lonely New Yorkers struggle to open up to one another, they inadvertently reveal more about themselves than they ever intended, exposing something ominous and sinister lurking just beneath the surface. 

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